The infantry log cabin N-S 48 „ U Stodol“ – basic information


The infantry log cabin N-S 48 with the cover name U stodol is located about 500 m from the spot height Skutina, towards the road to Snezny. It is a one sided object with the firing room on the right. It was supposed to be armed with a 4cm cannon, the couple of heavy machine guns,  the missing firing room on the left was supposed to defend a couple of the heavy machine guns  in the armor dome. Another weapon should have been a heavy machine gun in a infantry bell and an artillery observation in the ceiling of the artillery tower in the installation N-S 50 was planned as a third armor element. But non of the armor elements was placed on the ceiling. The temporary garrison of the 4th company members of the boarder regiment 18.was in the object in September of 1938. The garrison was supposed to have a 25 men. The commanding officer was a infantry lieutenant Jan Kuklis.

The construction of the object started on July 13th, 1938 and the concreting was finished on July 20th, 1938. 2410 cubic meters of concrete was needed. During the occupation, the embrasures were torn out and the under ground and most of the object was flooded.

-The 36 meters deep stairwell and elevator shaft were built in the cabin. It is possible now to descend the 203 steps to the bottom of the underground, where it is possible to see about 9 meters of the concreted gallery and look in to a knocked out passage way toward the log cabin N-S 49. The original timbering is preserved on the most of the stairwell.


In the year 1999, the reconstruction works have started by the Club of fort Skutina friends. The object was drained, cleaned up and reconstructed so it would be possible to open it to the public, in the year 2001 as a museum of the fort Skutina, including the stairwell shaft and a part of the underground.